Our Story

It all began with our founder’s belief that authentic connections make people happy.  In the world we live in today, majority of our day is spent communicating via some form of digital device. Due to technological advancement over the years, the human touch has become foreign and person-to-person interaction has declined significantly. By building hotels which focus on ‘connection’, everything from design, programming of events, hiring of Connectors to the type of traveller EMBLEM Hotels attract, it all brings us back to the core focus of our hotels’ philosophy – authentic connections make people happy.


"Creating a happy world through connections by building a hub that brings together Travellers, Locals, and Connectors (EMBLEM staff) from all walks of life."

Globally, our philosophy is achieved by firmly implementing and faithfully practicing the principles of the EMBLEM TRIANGLE.

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We want to see local connections turn into global connections. The fluidity and continuity of connection built at EMBLEM Hotels doesn’t just stop at the end of your trip. The connection continues to intertwine with your life’s journeys and ventures.



We are instinctive, intuitive, and in-sync with the “EMBLEM Mind”.


We treat our guests as friends; we welcome them into our house with warmth and open arms.

Entrepreneur Mind

We are creative and innovative, forward thinkers and fast reactors. We celebrate success and embrace failures.


We stay true, genuine, and sincere to our colleagues, guests, and ourselves.


We are proactive and take charge of our own duties and responsibilities.


We execute, unite, and thrive as one EMBLEM.


We connect through encounters.

Hiring EMBLEM Connectors

At EMBLEM, we do not call our staff, “staff”. We call ourselves "Connectors". Connectors connect between guests, between locals, and between guests and locals, reflecting our EMBLEM Triangle philosophy. 

Internship Opportunities
We offer the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment allowing individuals to grow and develop.  If you are someone with high motivation and interested in working in an international setting, the EMBLEM Team looks forward to meeting you!

Company Information

TRADE NAME Emblem Hotel K.K.
LOCATION 2 Chome-8-5 Minamiazabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-0047
ESTABLISHED June 22, 2015
CEO Yosuke Irie