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Emblem Flow Hakone: 2 days promo (May, June, July)


Emblem Flow Hakone just opened on November 2018 in Gora, Hakone.

The concept of Emblem Flow is “Feel the flow, Chill in Hakone”. This is a hotel with natural hot spring, dining and bar, meeting room. (and ping pong table!)

To enjoy Hakone in Japanese way, you can rent a Yukata (traditional room wear) for free with this promo code.


To make a booking, please follow the process below;


Available Date: May 6, 2019 ~ July 21, 2019

Booking Condition: Direct booking from Emblem’s official website, for more than 2 nights.

with using the following promo code only.



Booking Process:

1. Access Emblem Flow Hakone’s official booking site.



2. Enter promo code, yukata 2019



3. Choose your date, and room type!

(Please note that in case the room type is already fully booked, it does not show up.)


That’s all!


We look forward to seeing you in Emblem Flow Hakone!